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Rise of Tribes: The Vul'Keth Invasion Expansion (Base Game Required)

Rise of Tribes: The Vul'Keth Invasion Expansion (Base Game Required)

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New content and play mode for Rise of Tribes: SOLO MODE

A strange tribe, the Vul'Keth, has invaded the land and is intent on being its only inhabitant. The player's tribe opposes the invaders advancing their tribe to win (scoring 15 points) before the Invaders summon all five of their warlords - their win.

The Vul’Keth Invasion (solo mode) is designed to give a challenge to experienced players and capture the same feel as a multi-player game. The invaders take minimal and fast but impactful turns, giving the player tons of great decisions as they work to deny the invaders achieving goals.

If players thought it was enough for your tribe to master the lakes, forests and mountains they were sadly mistaken. Another mysterious tribe has appeared and these invaders - with their aggressive warlords - intend to drive the tribe players have choosen to be from this land. Players need to establish their tribe's dominance before it's too late!

The Vul’Keth Invasion (solo mode) presents players with the challenge of racing to victory while holding back an invading tribe lead by warlords with unique powers that will disrupt and devastate your progress. Players will take their turns in the usual way using a unique board set up for two tribes. Don't expect the Vul'Keth invaders to be a usual opponent.

Each turn the invaders will determine their actions by drawing a card from one of three action decks. These cards also supply them with a goal. Players must stop the Vul'Keth from achieving their goals or the invaders will be rewarded with resources. Not worried about a few resources? At the end of their turn the invaders summon a warlord for every six resources they have, and if all five of the warlords are summoned to your land then the battle is over and your tribe must flee in defeat at the hand of the Vul'Keth!

The Vul'Keth Invasion is compatable with the Bronze expansion (see: Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze). When added in, the player may complete 3 Bronze Age Technologies for the win, or win by scoring 15 points, if traditional Stone Age resistance to the invasion is working the best.

Bonus: NEW 9th Tribe!
The Vul’Keth foe inspired us to create the 9th unique playable tribe in multiplayer games. Players gain either Seize or Pillage when they play with Leader powers!

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