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We are not currently taking new game submissions. 

We are not currently taking new game submissions. 

We are NOT Currently open for submissions. We will try to work through submissions as soon as we can, but please allow for two weeks after submission to hear back from us. See below for more information on our communication with submissions.

Steps for Submission:

Step 1: Fill out this form

Step 2: Wait up to 3 weeks to hear back from us. If you do not hear from us after 3 weeks, we recommend you then continue to submit to other publishers and we wish you luck.

Step 3: After hearing back from us, we will ask for materials like rulebooks or a sell sheet. We may also schedule a virtual meeting as well.

Step 4: An offer may be given. This entire process may take weeks or months.

Is Your Game Ready for Submission?

Other items we may request after Step 3 include physical or virtual prototypes, 5 min or less video of you explaining how to play, video of you playing the game, or other materials. Final art, or any real art, isn’t required. We don’t expect a beautiful game, but we do expect a fully playable, from start to finish, game. Rules should be written down, and the game itself should have been test-played at least a handful of times by you and your friends/family.

What We’re Looking For:

Breaking Games has a wide selection of games in its portfolio. We recommend looking at our store and BGG page  to know what we already have in the market.

Currently, we are looking for:

Strategic Games meant for crowdfunding campaigns.

Small party games that do not copy game mechanisms we already have in our line.

Innovative designs best for mass market shelves.

Please do not submit:

“The Next” Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, etc. Games that require a player to be a “Judge” to determine points or a winner

IP Games:

We are interested in games made for IP’s, but recognize that not all IP’s are obtainable. Please submit with the knowledge that we may need to retheme if the IP is unavailable.

Beneficial Actions on Your Part:

Please do not send reminders to us through emails, social media postings, etc. during the 3 week Step 2 Process. We have many submissions to look through and we assure you, if your game is moving to Step 3, you will hear from us.

During the 3 week time, you may, of course, submit your game to other publishers, but please let us know if it has been taken by another so we can remove it from consideration.

If we think your game would be a good fit, we will reach out for more information within 60 days of your submission.