About Us

Breaking Games / AdMagic

Shari SpiroBreaking Games is a unique company. Founded by Shari Spiro of AdMagic, Breaking Games is a promotion and publishing company dedicated to getting our client's games into the hands of people who love to play them. We are unique when compared to other game publishers in that we promote the game and the designer above the company because they are the stars. We encourage our designers to guide the process of marketing with their own unique insight, while providing vital support for manufacturing, planning, shipping, warehousing, customs entries, GST and VAT, and sales.

As board game publishers, we do things a little differently. We prefer to have as many designers as possible to demo their games live at our booth if they are available to travel to the various indie game conferences that we participate in on a regular basis. Our #1 priority is the getting our clients’ games out there and into as many players’ hands as possible.

Not only are we game publishers; we will at times, at a client’s request, participate in the creation of a game. We are co-creators of a number of the games that you will find on our site. Some clients prefer that we partner with them in the creation of a game rather than just publish, to have us stay "in the game" so to speak. These particular designers don't want us to wrap a game up for three years and then just walk away; neither do we. As a partner to a game designer, we are in it for the long haul.  This is something rarely seen with other board game publishers and game publishers alike.

We are aware of the fact that not all designers are looking to work with us on this level and we completely understand and respect their wishes. If a designer is interested in this specific aspect of the service that we provide than we are more than honored to simply work as a publisher for them.

We know that just as games differ so much one to another, from game play to presentation to design, so do designers and game developers. All designers and developers have different needs and expectations. We do our utmost to tailor all of our agreements to their particular and singular needs. Many game publishers and board game publishers in the industry will promise this, but we are actually DOING it.

So far so good!