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We're Doomed: Meritocracy Expansion Pack | Party Game | 4-12 Players

We're Doomed: Meritocracy Expansion Pack | Party Game | 4-12 Players

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You are superior to your peers in every way.  Is it not fair, then, that you reap superior rewards for your addition of the new Meritocracy civilization, allowing up to 12 players to collaborate or compete in a race for survival?  50 new event cards present a cornucopia of moral dilemmas, ethical conundrums, and all the apocalyptic shenanigans you've come to expect from We're Doomed!



  • 2 Civilization Cards
  • 50 NEW Event Cards
  • 36 Tokens
  • 2 Player Reference Cards
  • 1 Instruction Card
  • 2 Plastic Card Stands
  • *The box that this expansion comes in is actually your brand new DECK BOX.  You can fit all of the cards from the Main game, including the Civilization cards, into this new deck box that fits inside the main game.


 Number of Players: 4-10
Age: 13+
Time to Play: 15 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chen-Hsun Chiu

We're Doomed: Meritocracy Expansion Pack | Party Game | 4-12 Players

Timothy Hoving
Great Expansion Pack

Its a solid expansion pack that adds fun mechanics to the original game.


New event box is great! I love how it fits within “the project” area of the main game box.
The new Meritocracy faction is fun!

One note: my base game copy is from the first print run, and the event cards in this expansion are slightly taller. Im guessing the more recent print runs will match size, but as such, i have a difficult time shuffling in the new stuff. This shouldn’t be too bad of an issue being a party game where you don’t shuffle before each game, you put the previous game’s cards on the bottom so you have new stuff the next time you play.

Robert Hayes

All the new event cards are enjoyable, though many lacked the refinement I was hoping for. I really like the new meritocracy roll and think it adds a lot to the gameplay. My biggest complaint would be that the new event deck box doesn’t hold the cards very well, though it was a smart use of space.