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We're Doomed! | Party Game | 4-10 Players

We're Doomed! | Party Game | 4-10 Players

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The world is coming to an end.

You, the most powerful leaders in the world, have only fifteen minutes to build an escape rocket and leave this doomed planet. With limited time to build the rocket, it might not be big enough for everyone. You have to work together. However, in the end, only the most influential survive. Contribute resources to build the rocket, but gain influence to claim a seat... possibly one that someone else built.


Number of Players: 4-10
Age: 13+
Time to Play: 15 Minutes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

After a few rounds with friends tonight, every one of us was wildly impressed. Unpredictable, fast-paced, strategic, a little goofy, and time-constrained... what's not to love?

Eddie C
A lotta fun!

It’s quick, relatively simple and highly chaotic

Colin Connor

We're Doomed! | Party Game | 4-10 Players

Timothy Hoving
Fun Party Game!

I read the description and thought it seemed promising. I was surprised! It was better than I thought. The event cards switch things up and make things chaotic in a really fun way. They event cards make the game replay great, because each game is different.

Bottom line: A really fun game with a hilarious commentary on politics.

Kenneth Solo
We're Doomed

I hope it sells well.