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Trellis | Family Strategy Game | 2-4 Players

Trellis | Family Strategy Game | 2-4 Players

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Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 10+
Time to Play: 30 Minutes

A Game of Zen and Blossoms

Grow a beautiful garden of tiles on which flower meeples bloom down connecting vines of the same color. Players race to be the first to play all their flowers first in this cascade of color and fun for 2-4 players. The twist? When growing the garden, helping others bloom can be really good for the active player - even secure the immediate win! Well chosen tile placement is the key to success in this evolving puzzle of a game that will grow on you.

In Trellis, each player has a supply of flower meeples in their unique color that they are working to place in the garden. Each player also has a hand of hex tiles depicting a tangled weave of differently colored vines.

On their turn, the active player must plant a tile on the table, growing the size of the garden. Once a tile is placed, automatic blooms happen first. All newly connected vines will bloom flower meeples, if the newly connected vine matches color with the neighbor tile and only if the vine on the neighbor tile has already been claimed with a flower.

The active player then places a flower claiming a vine on the tile they placed that has not yet bloomed. Immediately, each unclaimed vine of the same color on neighboring tiles connected to the vine just claimed will automatically bloom for that player.

Finally, if any opponents had flowers bloom due to the tile placement, then the active player gets to place a bonus flower - one for each flower bloom they helped their opponent place! If there are no unclaimed vines available on the tile the active player placed, they get to place a bloom on any unclaimed vine anywhere in the garden!

The first player to play all fifteen of their flowers immediately wins. Which vines to claim and when to help opponents grow flowers in order to gain bonus blooms for yourself is very furtile soil to ponder during a quick play of Trellis.

Rules included come in English, German, French and Spanish!

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> Rules: ENGLISH
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> Rules: SPANISH

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great simple game

This is a very nice and relaxing game. It is not difficult at all, but it is nice to play with another person. I would highly recommend it. Other games I like that. Remind me of this are fairy trails and a gentle rain.

Megan F.
A lot of fun, easy to understand and play.

Beautiful tiles, nice little storage setup. Not too complicated. Fun for up to 4 people.

Beautiful but too simple

What drew me to this game was how pretty it was. It had good reviews, so I bought it for a good price. My friends and I thought it was a little too simple. We played with three people and thought maybe a fourth player would make it a little more challenging. I agree with another reviewer who said an expansion pack would be nice or to play with your own improvised pieces, because there seemed to be plenty of extra tiles to do that.

better than average filler

This is a fun fast filler. It has a unique theme and the instructions are very good and easy to learn. It has some elements of some classic modern board games but done in a way that is much easier to understand. The game looks more complicated than it is. Bottom line the unique theme of vines makes this different enough than many other games out there. It does not outstay its welcome and is even fast at higher player counts. Its filler and actually a pretty good one for in between bigger games.

Bryann Fitzpatrick
Relaxing Game

Very cute, simple game. It's a great low key game to play thats very easy to learn. If you like board games but dont want to go hard with a long game this is a good, relaxing game. Plan out your vines and make cute little flowers grow!