The Game of 49

$20.00 USD
  • The Game of 49 Box

The Game of 49

$20.00 USD

Number of Players: 2-5
Age Group:
Time To Play:
30-45 minutes

Chips in a row.
Money under the table.
Game on the line.

Recommended by American Mensa!

Can you get 4 in a row? The Game of 49 is an exciting strategic game where you will need to bid, budget, battle and buy your way to victory. The Game of 49 is great for families but gamers love it too.

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Each player starts with $49 and 15 chips. Number cards are drawn and put up for auction. Outbid your opponents for the winning slots on the board and keep them from placing 4 tokens in row. Bidding high and running out of money? Don’t worry a Payoff card might be the next card drawn. Be the first to place 4 tokens in a row and win!

Game includes: 

  • Game board with 49 randomly placed number slots.
  • 75 red, yellow, blue, green and orange tokens (15 of each color)
  • A deck of number cards
  • Payout cards

Number of Players: 2-5
Age Group: 10+
Time To Play:
30-45 minutes

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How to Play The Game of 49