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The Game of 49 | Family Friendly Strategy Board Game | 2-5 Players

The Game of 49 | Family Friendly Strategy Board Game | 2-5 Players

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Number of Players: 2-5
Age Group:
Time To Play:
30-45 minutes

Chips in a row.
Money under the table.
Game on the line.

Recommended by American Mensa!

Can you get 4 in a row? The Game of 49 is an exciting strategic game where you will need to bid, budget, battle and buy your way to victory. The Game of 49 is great for families but gamers love it too.

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Customer Reviews

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john ponte
DoE legendary ed

Came quickly and in perfect condition

Walter Gilbert

The Game of 49 | Family Friendly Strategy Board Game | 2-5 Players

Jonathan H. Liu, GeekDad
Bid for the Win!

Overall, I found The Game of 49 to be a very clever auction game with a simple ruleset. It’s a fantastic casual game: easy to introduce to brand-new players and inexperienced gamers, but with enough depth of strategy that it’s not boring for more experienced gamers. That also makes it a good family game, one that parents and kids can play with each other. There’s a good mix of luck and strategy, and your kids may even pick up on some lessons about budgeting if they play this. (Or maybe gambling.). Full article at:

Rob Rich,
A Hybrid between Connect 4 and Bingo, with an auction element

The Game of 49 is a simple party game that gets what it means to be a simple party game. It’s extremely easy to learn, just as easy to play, and provides tons of opportunities for players to throw each other curveballs or otherwise mix things up. With a small, goofy group it’s bound to please.

RJ Cullen, Toys Bulletin
Really enjoyed 49!

The Toys Bulletin staff really enjoyed playing “The Game of 49.” It moved quickly and had enough strategy to keep everyone right in the mix of things until the very end. Although there are special rules for two-players, we did find that the game was at its best when played with 4 or 5 players.

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