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Real Life Holiday Bingo | Family Party Game | 2+ Players

Real Life Holiday Bingo | Family Party Game | 2+ Players

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Number of Players: 2+
Age Group: 10+
Time to Play: 15+

Finally, a holiday game for REAL families!

2 unique bingo cards where you slide the plastic shutters to mark the space. The first player to get five in a row wins - BINGO! Parents have told us that our game has made boring holidyas easier, by helping kids laugh at these difficult moments. Each window depicts an all-too-familiar holiday experience, like:

  • Dad Snaps
  • Unsolicited Life Advice
  • Tears
  • Gift Envy
  • Bad Gift
  • Lame Holiday Music
  • Annoying Child
  • Mom Snaps
  • Endless Recipe Talk
  • Geezer Dozes Off
  • Someone is Late
  • Unfunny Joke 

Included in Each Set

  • One set of two bingo cards on durable, reusable boards
  • Sliding shutters to mark each space
  • Real Life Holiday Bad-Lib on the back of each board
  • Pictures are arranged differently on each card, so there's only one winner
  • Each card measures 6.5" x 7"
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