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Pocket Dungeon Quest

Pocket Dungeon Quest

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Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 8+
Time to Play: 15 Minutes 

Creative Child Magazine's 2018 Game of the Year!

Pocket Dungeon Quest is a simplified, casual rogue-like tabletop adventure for 2-4 players. PDQ is a unique tabletop game that is inspired by classic video games such as Rogue and Sword of Fargoal. This original board game is made up entirely of tiles that represent a dungeon, monsters and the items that could be found within.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Awesome pocket gem!

Great game! Great company!

Great quality components. Simplicity

Box came in great shape. Upon opening the box I coule smell the adventure of a fresh new game and quickly became excited to try it out! Components are made simple and seem pretty sturdy. Love the mat! Makes everything much more organized.
Pros- Simple, replayability, and did i mention you can play solo. Quality components
Cons-Setup is easy but alittle time consuming since you have to place 100 tiles lol
Overall a great game for kids and adults.

Super fun game worth every penny

The game is super fun, the price was correct, but the box was damaged during shipping. I know it is silly since there is no control after it is shipped, bit it is just frustrating to buy a new product and it arrive damaged.

Solid Family Game

Pretty simple game that I'm able to play with a 5.5 year old while still scratching a quick game itch. I can see this being a good filler or quick solo crawl. It is pretty luck based and strategy is thin but it's fun and keeps us from having to play Candyland to often, which is a win...

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Simple and Fun - Easy to learn and Very Open

Great little game and easy to learn. Fun to play a quick round with the kiddos (she's 6) and even fun to do a quick solo round. Simple and fun art and a nice little carrying case.