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Pluck Off!

Pluck Off!

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Number of Players: 3-6
Age: 17+
Time to Play: 30 Minutes

Where Pigeons Rule the Roost! 

Pluck Off! is a card game parody of city life, where pigeons rule the roost and you help them find nestmates (because the rent is too plucking high!). Each pigeon is a unique character. Each has its own art and limerick that tells a short, plucky story. But players and pigeons must watch their tail feathers, because there are Urban Vermin like Panhandler Possums and Pizza Rats who are out to pluck up their big city dreams.

Easy to learn and play but difficult - if not impossible - to master, you need a combination of memory, strategic pluckery, poker face and pluck of the draw to dupe other players into giving up their hard-earned pigeon cards. And just when you think you've won it all, an Urban Vermin could pluck up your game.

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