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Nanobugs® - Microbes with Attitude Card Collection

Nanobugs® - Microbes with Attitude Card Collection

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Ages: 8+

Practical Microbiology in a Box!

It’s not a game – it’s an education! This STEAM-y resource includes 84 cards including profile cards for 37 bacteria, 19 viruses, 5 microscopic fungi and 3 protozoa plus 16 tool cards to help you talk like a microbiologist.

The Nanobugs® are a unique combination of science and imagination. Each Nanobug® character represents a real microbe. This collection of 84 cards will introduce you to 64 common microbes. You will discover fascinating facts
about their nature and how to avoid the “mean” ones and 
appreciate the “nice” ones. You will learn impressive terminology and begin to talk like a microbiologist. You will probably forget you are learning as you spend time with the Nanobugs®... Microbes With Attitude!

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