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Moonquake Escape

Moonquake Escape

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Number of Players: 2-6
Age Group: 10+
Time to Play: 45-60 Minutes

In MoonQuake Escape, get ready to face the challenges of the spinning, changing 3D surface of the doomed prison planet of Zartaclaton. A massive MoonQuake grants you sudden freedom from your captivity, but there's only one way to Escape--the last rescue rocket, and you need to reach it before the other players. Use the rotating and revolving 3D moon to gather charges and decide which actions will best meet your goal: finding and stopping others players, readying or stealing key equipment, or finding better ways to hide. Along the treacherous journey, watch out for shifting and dangerous terrain, out of control defenses, and a relentless prison guard that are out to end your sentence--for life!

Finding and stopping the other players is your best plan, but each is hiding amongst decoys and traps. Player interaction focuses on a risk fraught variation of the classic 3-card Monte combined with a thematic "Bluffing" component that completely reverses the "Take That" mechanic. Can you use protective shields to lure opponents into picking the wrong hiding spot and keep your own plan from backfiring? Reach the rocket and prepare for a climatic battle--will you be prepared to capitalize on unexpected turn of events? Be the first to launch during the MoonQuake and you've Escaped the competition!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The Purple Pawn (Rob Kalajian)
Second Look—MoonQuake Escape

"Overall the game is a great time."
"It’s a solid family game that I know I’ll keep coming back to with my kids."


Boardgames & Bourbon (Glenn Flaherty)
Moonquake Escape Review: Good Stuff for The Right Crowd

"A very light-hearted, fun game."
"Imagine combining the best of Munchkin, Milles Borne, Fireflies & Flashlights, Lift Off! and King of Tokyo all wrapped into one."
"The artwork and illustrations--phenomenal."
"I can totally see this game being a family night game."


Bower's Game Corner YouTube
Bower's Game Corner: MoonQuake Escape Review

"Overall, I enjoyed MoonQuake Escape"
"I just like how the mechanisms work, I like how everything works."


Man vs Meeple YouTube
Man Vs Meeple Video Review

"This is a cool little game." "Great game!" "It has a lot of aspects for heavier gamers as well as entry level gamers." (Jeremy)
"If you have a family of board gamers, you should get this game for sure." "...solid, solid craftsmanship." (David)


Jeremy Strickland (BoardgameGeek user zombieknight)
Really fun, great game

"'s an absolute gem."
"It is chaotic and fun, great for families, but has enough depth to bring it out to your game group."