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Mobscenity: Dirty Word Deck

Mobscenity: Dirty Word Deck

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Number of Players: 4-16
Age Group: 18+
Time To Play: Varies

The most outrageous game you will ever play just got more outrageous 

With the Dirty Words Deck, you can shoot your game Mobscenity way over the line of tasteful in a matter of minutes. 54 adult words - nuff said 

Reviews of Mobscenity 

"it's awesome" - Cool Materials 
"fun and pretty damn hilarious" - 2ndOpinionPod 
"This gamer gives it 2 rusty dragons way up!" - Player Review for Mobscenity 
"Highly recommended." - Player Review for Mobscenity 
"This game is sick and twisted by the company you play with." - Player Review for Mobscenity

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