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Mind Crushers | Adult Conversation Game | 2+ Players

Mind Crushers | Adult Conversation Game | 2+ Players

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MINDCRUSHERS is a deck of 200 weird, funny, controversial, and/or smart conversation starters written by two co-creators of Cards Against Humanity and a few other people you’ve never heard of.


  • Ridiculously easy to play
  • Superior to all other conversation decks
  • Big, colorful cards with funny faces
  • Surprisingly thick and heavy box
  • Ages 17+, unless you remove the cards marked NSFW


WARNING: MINDCRUSHERS contains outlandish, paradoxical content that may induce vertigo, hallucinations, and/or ego death. Do not engage in MINDCRUSHERS if you are a child, a ghost, or a humorless void.



Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT is going on with this listing?

I don’t appreciate your tone.

Sorry, what is this listing for?

This is the listing for the product Mindcrushers, available now. Add it to your cart and check out right now please.

Right, but what is Mindcrushers?

Mindcrushers is a cool, cool deck of 200 cards with cool, cool words on them.

What do the words say?

The words say questions, and then you have a conversation about the questions, and then you decide who won that conversation.

So, Mindcrushers is a game?

Kind of. It’s more like a deck of funny conversation starters you can play as a game if you want to. It’s pretty low-key.

Who wrote the words?

Two of the guys who created Cards Against Humanity wrote the words, along with a few other people.

Am I a bad person if I don’t buy Mindcrushers right now?

Yes, you would be pretty bad.

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