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Master Thief

Master Thief

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Number of Players: 3-6
Age: 10+
Time to Play: 15-20 Minutes 

Steal the Most Valuable Items From the Museum!

Foil your opponents’ attempts to do the same and escape without getting caught! Master Thieves begin every turn by stealing items from the Museum. Museum Cards are designed with way-finding to guide your actions throughout the game. Action Cards represent what you’re up to in the darkness of the Museum, like sneaking, swiping, stashing and stealing. But while you’re collecting loot, remember to keep a close eye on the remaining time and the alerted Security to plan the perfect getaway. Escape from the Museum with the most valuable works of art, and pull off the grandest heist of all time!

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Customer Reviews

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Herb Levy
Master Thief is a bit of push-your-luck, a smattering of cooperation and a hefty dose of “take th...

The game plays quickly – it can last a good 30 minutes if you’re lucky or end in the blink of an eye if you are not – and comes small boxed so that it can be taken just about anywhere. Because it can handle up to 6 players, this is a great opener or closer for a gaming session. There is a surprisingly amount of value here. In short, Master Thief is a steal!

My Favorite!

Such a fun game!
The game is so beautiful. Really well designed with all your favorite works of art. If we're out drinking or just sitting around talking, this is the first game I suggest. It's easy to pick up if there's a newcomer, but best of all it's manageable and such a blast to play.