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Flick Wars: Deluxe Edition

Flick Wars: Deluxe Edition

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Number of Players: 1-6
Age: 12+
Time to Play: 30-60 Minutes

Flick Wars: Deluxe Edition includes the Terrain Expansion. 
The Terrain Expansion is a bunch of cool stuff to make your games more epic, more interesting, adding a ton of variety. See component list below (base game required to play).

4 Game Modes
Rocky Terrain, Hilly Terrain, Unstable Terrain, and Gem Source Terrain. Game modes may be played independently, or add in multiple terrain types + rules. 

4 Terrain Types
Easy choose 'n go set up. No two games have to be the same! The Terrain Modification cards give the terrain pieces themselves special rules!

32 Terrain Modification Cards
Set up your next play of Flick Wars using Gaseous Swamp, Clear Vision, Fuel Depot, Spiral Tunnel, Guerrilla Force, Tectonic Shift, High Ground, Meteors, or one of the 24 other Terrain Modification cards. 

Need more challenge? Add more! The Unstable Terrain game mode has players randomize, then pick 3 Terrain Modification cards to use when setting up.

Flick Wars Base Game
ALWAYS a quick set up, fast playing dexterity combat game on an awesome 3D terrain play mat! 

Flick Wars is a strategy and tactics dexterity game with six factions that range from humans to mechs to alien races. Each faction has a unique set of units. 

The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the enemy units. The advanced game has specific scenarios and a new game play option which focuses on objective control. Units are discs with a picture representing the type of unit on it. Moving and attacking are both flicks. To move, you just flick your disc; to attack, you need to be in range. When you make a successful attack flick, the target unit flips over and is another obstacle. Destroy the enemy units to win.

The included 24" by 30" neoprene Battlefield Mat stores right in the box. The Battlefield Mat gives you a silky smooth surface AND allows for amazing 3D terrain! Plays 1-6 people in team play or free-for-all modes. Each faction has their own unique set of units to field.

Base Game Components Included:
  • 6 Faction Setup/Aid Cards
  • 6 Custom Shaped Faction Base Cards
  • 57 Unit Discs (Unit and Debris stickers included)
  • 66 Unique Unit Cards
  • 4 Range Rulers
  • 60 Gems (30 small, 30 large)
  • 1 Battlefield Mat (24" x 30" - stores in the game box!)
  • 6 Wood Obstacle Domes (2" x 1")
  • 24 AI Cards (for Solo/Co-Op mode)
  • 1 Rule Book
Terrain Expansion Components (rules included in base game rule book):
  • 32 Terrain Modification Cards
  • 6 Large Terrain Discs (3" x 0.75", stickers included)
  • 6  Wood Obstacle Domes (2" x 1")
  • 60 Gems (20 small, 40 large)
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