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Dwellings of Eldervale - DELUXE Upgrade Kit

Dwellings of Eldervale - DELUXE Upgrade Kit

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DELUXE Upgrade Kit

Number of Players: 1-5 
Ages: 14+
Time to Play: 60-150 Minutes  


Now that the Standard Edition has been conquered, it's time for a true challenge with the Deluxe Upgrade! This kit includes plastic miniature monsters that replace the punchboard standees in the standard edition. A perfect addition to try the increased danger in full giant monster miniature glory! Also included are premium wooden resources and deluxe metal coins!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an upgrade kit, the Standard version of Dwellings of Eldervale is needed to play the game.


Rulebook Downloads

> Main Rulebook
> Solo Mode Rulebook 
> First Time Set-Up
> Appendix

Included Components

    Step up your Dwellings game with the deluxe miniatures, metal coins and wooden resources! Includes...

    • 8 50mm Miniatures that replace standees in Standard (base game)
    • 20 Deluxe Custom Metal Coins  
    • 100 Wooden Resources

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Douglas Southwick
    Issues with Order

    Just opened it up a couple days ago and the Bringer of Justice miniature has the base broken off and the yellow sound base is too small to fit either of the yellow miniatures. Other than that I'm very happy with the product and the speed at which it was delivered. Would be great if I could have the items mentioned above replaced. Please let me know if that's a possibility. Thanks!

    Jean Verret
    Nice Deluxe Version

    Thank you for the upgrade kit.

    Anthony Martin
    Absolutely love it

    Amazing components, only suggestion for improvement is there's too much wiggle room for the minis in the insert.

    Sticky minis

    It’s alright, the applied wash is quite heavy leading to sticky minis and a loss of detail, and I don’t like that. Most of the wood tokens are quite bland, we’re only using the swords right now, but the coins are definitely a step up. I have to figure out how to get stickers for the wood, or improve my pyrography skills. Not sure where I got that the legendary monster cards and standees would be in this pack just not the legendary minis or sound bases, but that’s my bad so I can’t fault it for that.