Billionaire Banshee: Sexy Foil Pack

$5.00 USD
  • Billionaire Banshee Sexy Pack

Billionaire Banshee: Sexy Foil Pack

$5.00 USD

Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 18+
Time To Play: Varies

Make your games of Billionaire Banshee more sexy and revealing than ever before! 
Questions such as would your friend date a plushophile that has vibrating genitals will finally be answered!
This pack comes with 10 Perk and 10 Quirk cards, all of which are of the sexy variety. 
*Requires players to own the original game, or expansion to play.

Will You Date or Deny?

In this game, you are single looking for the love of your life. On your turn you will flip one “perk” card and on “quirk” card and read them out load. The other players take turns guessing if you would date or deny that person with those character qualities. Those who guess right get a point. The person with most points in the end wins.

The game has four kinds of cards:

  • Date and Deny Cards – your voting cards.
  • Quirk and Perk Cards – your potential lover’s character defects and qualities.

Billionaire Banshee is packed with so much fun that even if you lose; by the end of the game you would have won a complete ab work out from all the uncontrollable laughing, not to mention all the juicy quirks and perks you would have found out about your friends!

Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 18+ (Special Cards Can be removed for use with teens)
Time To Play: 15+ Minutes

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