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> Keep Calm: Main Game

No Matter What The Situation, Remember to Keep Calm

  • What would you do if your toothbrush falls in the toilet?
  • What would you do if your best friend asks for your help hiding a body?
  • What do you do if your imaginary friend doesn’t like your real friends?

Would you Keep Calm and write to Santa or would you Keep Calm and sing show tunes at the top of your lungs? Each player is dealt 6 Response cards and the rest of the deck is put place on the table. Every player takes turns being drawing a Situation cards and read it out load for every one to hear. The other players in turn choose one of the Responses cards in their hand and gives it to the judge to read.

If the judge decides that your answer was the best (usually the craziest) you get a point and take control of the situation. At the end of each hand Response cards are discarded and re-dealt. The first to collect six Situation cards wins! Go by the rules or add on your own as you go along.

Keep Calm is designed in the spirit of the best party games of the modern era, with a twist. If you can't Keep Calm, play a Panic! card and mess everyone up.

Number of Players: 3-8
Age Group: 18+
Time to Play: 30 Minutes

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