Rise of Tribes

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  • Rise of Tribes - Standard and Deluxe Boxes

Rise of Tribes

Coming Soon!!
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Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 10+
Time to Play: 45 Minutes

Rise of Tribes is Coming Early in 2018!

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign with $386,887 raised from 5,906 Backers, Rise of Tribes is now in full-on game manufacturing mode for both the Standard Game and Deluxe Upgrade! Be the first to know about when Rise of Tribes is available early in 2018 for Pre-Order by putting in your email above to be notified first!

Check out the entire Kickstarter Campaign that started it all! The page features all game components, artwork, comments and a whole lot more...

Lead the Dawn of Civilization!

In Rise of Tribes, players lead their prehistoric tribes to explore new lands, father resources and discover new tools in an attempt to rise to greatness. Choose to build villages, raid neighbors and maybe even ride a mammoth in this new strategy title.

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