Rushing, Rushing, Rushing! We're headed to Gen Con!

We are in a whirlwind at Breaking Games getting ready for GenCon. However there is no truth to the rumor (probably created by my staff) that my rushing around actually caused the recent tornadoes and hurricanes.

Super excited does not begin to describe our feelings about this years convention. We have brand spanking new games and way cool new exhibits and events. We are even going to have our own saloon. Yup, you heard that right. A real life wood built saloon, pard’ner. Come by and say howdy to Boomtown Bandits, Letter Tycoon, Billionaire Banshee, Poop, the Game of 49 and our others from Breaking Games.

We’ll have 20 designers, 100 events and 49 tournaments. We can’t wait for the Letter Tycoon tournament. Things will be whirling and twirling and rocking and rolling and playing games at the Breakiing Games saloon. Check out the games we're featuring at GenCon!

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