PAX Australia

PAX Australia

November 3rd - 6th, 2016
Melbourne, Australia

About the Indie Game Conferences We Attend Each Year

One of the things that makes Breaking Games unique is the sheer number of indie game conferences that we attend in the course of the year, and how many game inventors we actually drag with us to demo their games at our booth! You can find us at all the major tabletop and card game conferences as well as game manufacturing and publishing expos throughout North America and around the World.

Some of the indie game conferences we attend regularly are Gen Con, New York Toy Fair, all the PAX conferences (even Australia), Speil in Germany as well as cons such as GAMA, Unpub and many more.

What can you expect from Breaking Games at an indie game conference? Besides offering a huge selection of the latest games, there’s always a new reason to visit one of our displays. Recently, we announced the launch of Boogie Dice, dice that are sound activated to roll on their own! At other indie game conferences we’ve created unique promotional products and activities, such as our 1,000 Game Giveaway promotion, or the Breaking Games Saloon where players were invited to take their shot at mastering Boomtown Bandits. …only things you’ll only ever see if you attend one of these indie game conferences and visit our booth!

From New York to Germany to Australia, there are dozens of indie game conferences all over the world. These game conferences provide a platform for indie game inventors from around the globe to demo and showcase their games. Recognized game inventors are invited to speak and share their experience and expertise with the future generation of game developers, many of these conferences offer awards for the best games at the show.

Look for Breaking Games at the next indie game conference you attend. Watching one of our staff stumble around in a giant penguin suit is worth the visit alone!