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Number of Players: 3+
Age Group: 12+
Time to Play: 15+ Minutes

The song and scenario card game.

Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever, Titanic and The Graduate—a distinctive soundtrack can make a movie unforgettable. This game invites you to tell the story of your life through the soundtrack that backs it. Mixtape tasks players with finding the perfect tune to orchestrate past, present, and future memories—from their first kiss to the moment NASA asks them to pilot the maiden voyage to Mars. In each round, one player draws a scenario card from the deck and everyone else responds by streaming the song they feel best fits the action using their phone, tablet, or computer. Players then take a vote and a round winner is declared. Rather than knowledge or skill, the game plays on emotions, memories, and life experiences. 

200 cards with endless possibilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nathan Gilcher
Great game for music lovers!

We are a musical family. I bought this to play on vacation and I’m not disappointed! Hours of fun!

Angie Stokes
Very fun game for music lovers!

We really enjoyed playing this as a family and not keeping score. This game brings out all the emotions!

Great game, could be better.

I took this game to work, had fun asking coworkers the questions and hearing about other kinds of music.
The game concept is clever, but it has more potential.
If they don't release a sequel I'll have to make it myself.