The Game of 49 Details & Videos

Each player starts with $49 and 15 chips. Number cards are drawn and put up for auction. Outbid your opponents for the winning slots on the board and keep them from placing 4 tokens in row. Bidding high and running out of money? Don’t worry a Payoff card might be the next card drawn. Be the first to place 4 tokens in a row and win!

Game includes: 

  • Game board with 49 randomly placed number slots.
  • 75 red, yellow, blue, green and orange tokens (15 of each color)
  • A deck of number cards
  • Payout cards

Number of Players: 2-5
Age Group: 10+
Time To Play:
30-45 minutes

Intro to The Game of 49


How to Play The Game of 49