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Intro / How To Play

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Breaking Games CEO Shari Spiro plays a couple rounds of Fake News with the Fox 5 News Team in Washington, DC!

Breaking Games CEO Shari Spiro describes how to play Fake News in less than 20 seconds!

How to Play


  1. Each player takes a set of 3 tokens (3 Points, 2 Points and “FAKE NEWS”) in the color of their choice.
  2. Any player shuffles the red IMAGE cards, the blue TOPIC cards, and finally the green AUDIENCE cards.
  3. Pick an Audience Player. This person will act as the AUDIENCE for the first round. Each round a different player gets the chance to get into a character as the Audience Player and judge the HEADLINES other players create.
  4. The Audience Player lays out a number of the red IMAGE cards equal to the total number of players in the game, then turns them face up to reveal their images.

    6 Player Game IMAGE Cards - Turn face up to reveal images.

    Image Cards

  5. Fake News CardsThe Audience Player then deals all other players 5 blue TOPIC cards.
  6. Finally, the Audience Player takes a green AUDIENCE card. At this point, all players decide whether this card should be revealed now, BEFORE the round begins, or AFTER players have created their headlines. Try it both ways!
  7. The round is set, now to make and break some FAKE NEWS.



In clockwise order from the Audience Player, all players play any number of their TOPIC cards to an IMAGE card that does NOT already have any TOPIC cards with it. One by one, players make up a HEADLINE, and say it aloud.

headline cards


  1. You play the TOPIC card “Section 8 Housing” together with the IMAGE card that has a Bird House on it.
  2. Based on the IMAGE / TOPIC cards you’ve chosen, create a HEADLINE then say it aloud to all other players. For this example, based on your cards, you could say:

“The department of housing has just announced a new category of Section 8 housing... for birds!”

REMEMBER: You could always have added more TOPIC cards such as Hollywood, or Student Loans to help create your headline.

After all HEADLINES are announced by each player, the Audience Player reveals or simply restates their role on their AUDIENCE card (depending on which option players chose at the beginning of the round) and then awards their three tokens for what they feel are the ‘Best’, ‘Runner-Up’ and ‘FAKE NEWS’ HEADLINES. Tokens are placed on the IMAGE / TOPIC card groups used for those winning HEADLINES.



Repeat ROUND 1, with a new Audience Player (moving clockwise).

  1. Pass the AUDIENCE deck to the new Audience Player (however the former Audience Player may keep their AUDIENCE card if they want to stay in character all game).
  2. Players draw replacement TOPIC cards to get back to 5 in their hand. Shuffle the discarded TOPIC cards back into that deck as needed.
  3. Lay out a new set of IMAGE cards, again equal to total number of players.
  4. Make up some more great HEADLINES!


After everyone has had a turn as the Audience Player, it’s time to score!

  1. Players count the points they have collected throughout all rounds. The most points wins! In the case of a tie for points, the player with the least FAKE NEWS tokens is the winner. Still tied? Share the top prize!
  2. Now, who had the most FAKE NEWS tokens? If you are the news-maker who got the most of these tokens, congrats! You sure know how to tell outlandish stories!
  3. Everyone who had fun also wins!


Want to steal an image card from another player? Don’t like the hand you’ve been dealt and want new cards? Fake News was built for adding your own House Rules to the game! The crazier the better, don’t be shy.

Now, deal up another hilarious round, because laughter is the only cure for FAKE NEWS.