Boomtown Bandits Game Details & Videos

This western town is BOOMING and there’s a lot of looting to be done!

Boomtown Bandits is a dice rolling area-controlling type of game.

Each player is responsible for a little bandit camp. In the camp you have 2 shooters and a coward represented by tokens. Each shooter has a dice with 1 bullet on 2 of the 6 sides and the coward has a dice with 1 bullet and 1 escape and the remaining 4 sides of the dice are blank.

Spin the bottle to start the game. Who ever it’s pointing at doesn’t get a kiss but to tip off the law therefore blocking off one of the locations from looting. That player will place Sheriffs badge on one of the location cards.

Each player then places his or her bandits on the remaining locations face down and everyone gets ready for the shoot out! Once the tokens (bandits) are placed, they are turned right side up and depending on who’s at the location you loot or shoot out.

Real-time shoot out with the dice, who ever is remaining gets to loot the location. Each location has 7 cards to loot. Every card contains an action that can either help or hinder your bandits and some hard “earned” cash.

The game ends when all the locations have been looted by the bandits and the winner is who has that most money of course!

Intro to Boomtown Bandits

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