Boogie Dice Details & Videos


Sound Detector
The dice can be more or less sensitive to noise, so they can be tailored to specific groups or games.

The dice stops rolling after a set length of time, signalling the end of a turn.

Alarm / Buzzer
The dice can start rolling at set or random intervals to act as an alert.

Motion Detector
The dice’s sensitivity to noise can be increased so that the noise created by just picking up the dice can trigger the rolling mechanism.

The dice can be in ‘listening mode’ at set or random intervals of time, so sometimes they will respond to a noise input, and other times they won’t.

“The first time I rolled Boogie Dice, I couldn't stop laughing. Something about watching them come to life just made me giddy.”
- Tech Times

“The creators of Boogie Dice have worked hard to ensure that even though the dice are filled with electronics, they are still perfectly balanced for truly random rolls and results.”
- Gizmodo