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POOP: Public Restroom Edition | Family Friendly Card Game | 2-5 Players

POOP: Public Restroom Edition | Family Friendly Card Game | 2-5 Players

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Number of Players: 2-15
Age Group: 6+
Time To Play: 15 minutes

The Public Restroom Edition!

The craziest version of POOP yet, bring the joys of public restrooms into your home! With 3 simultaneous toilets at play, plungers, septic tanks & occupied signs, this edition of POOP brings all the joy of public restrooms to your home, while pairing with any two editions of POOP to make it a massive 15 player game.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jenna Tolls
Was not expecting this

OMG (oh my gosh), this version of POOP was beautiful!!!!! You will not believe the night I had after playing this beautiful game!!!!!! My children thought it was so silly and funny with all the new beautiful POOP cards!!!!!!!!! I thought that it would be like the typical POOP game, but it was anything butt (haha silly)!!!!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful game that brought life back to my family!!!!!


Not what i expected. Thought it be more entertaining.

Fun game!

Hilarious game! More fun when you have a few drinks in your system 😉

Emilee R.
Simple card game for groups

Easy to understand the rules and funny for adults.

Kristina K
For drinking and little kids. No level of difficulty.

Totally a drinking game. Or for little kids. Did not realize this until after the order was received. Please enjoy!