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Asking For Trobils: Trobil Makers

Asking For Trobils: Trobil Makers

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Limited Edition Kickstarter Components!! Breaking Games has no plans to make more of this product.


Number of Players: 2-7
Age Group: 12+
Time to Play: 60-90 Minutes


Trobil Makers is an expansion to Asking for Trobils.

The small Sagan Colony, full of the galaxy's most ridiculously intelligent people, has taken it upon themselves to get rid of all the Trobils in Paradise by creating robot Trobil-eaters! Of course, their programming went a little awry (as programming tends to do in these situations) and are now just as much trouble as real Trobils!

As if your job as a Trobil Hunter wasn't difficult enough, now you also have to get rid of these mechanical monstrosities!

Trobil Makers adds a new Location to the board called the Sagan Colony. The expansion also adds new Trobil cards, purple Shard resources, Trobot tokens, and a small board. The eighth Ship that was promised with an extra punchboard int he original game will also be provided.



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