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Asking For Trobils | Worker Placement Strategy Game | 2-7 Players

Asking For Trobils | Worker Placement Strategy Game | 2-7 Players

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Number of Players: 2-7
Age Group: 12+
Time to Play: 60-90 Minutes

Rid the galaxy of Trobils and be a hero!

Asking for Trobils is a worker-placement board game where the player is trying their best to rid the star system of Trobils (space pests). You play a Trobil Hunter - flinging the space vermin into the star, and dealing with unsavory folk just to get the job done.

Players start with one ship, placing it at various locations to gather resources that will allow you to trap Trobils. But just one ship may not be enough, so you can fly through a wormhole to create two or even three ships to help you gather resources.

You can make connections to gain more resources or hang around the local Riffraff. Send pirates, bounty hunters, or gangsters out to make areas rougher for your opponents, or enhance locations for everyone by sending out traders and courtesans.

For every Trobil card you capture, you gain victory points. The player with the most points at the end wins! 


- Rulebook
- Circular Game Board
- 32 RiffRaff Cards
- 20 Tribal Cards
-8 City Cards
- 12 Riff Raff Stands
- 48 Connection Cards (Chipboard)
- 40 Orange Crystals (Plastic)
- 40 Ore Crystals (Plastic)
- 8 Ship Cards
- 18 MegaTraps (Chipboard)
- 42 Space Slugs (Chipboard)
- 42 Space Carrots (Chipboard)
- 42 Traps (Chipboard)
- 60 Credit Tokens (Chipboard)
- 28 Ship Miniatures (Plastic Miniature)
- 8 Resource Tokens (Chipboard)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Jewell
I love the game

I love the gameI love the game but the packaging was crap and the box is falling apart

Good balance of silly and strategic

Trobils is essentially a worker (ship) placement and engine building game. You collect resources to capture trobils for points. The placement rule has the mechanic that you can bump or be bumped from the positions on the board. Being bumped off of the board is a positive since it releases your ship for reuse on your next turn. If you aren't bumped then you have to miss your next turn in order to reclaim your ship(s). This bump mechanic adds an extra element you don't see in other worker placement games, where you need to consider how likely it is you will be bumped when deciding on an action.

Since everyone usually has only one action (place a ship) each turn the game plays quickly with even 7 players.

Everything in the game is out in the open (you can see what everyone else has). The 'screw you' factor is also low. There are very view actions one person can take that seriously harms another. The worst thing someone can really do is choose not to bump you (forcing you to skip a turn) or claim a Trobil before you can (with everything being in the open this usually isn't a surprise).

The only luck in the game is a card deck at one of the locations where you draw 'riff raff' characters, e.g. pirates or hitchhikers. The cards/characters are all beneficial to the person who drew the card. Some of them are more useful than others, none break the game, but a good draw at just the right time can swing things significantly. Still, after multiple replayings I have yet to see someone win just because of a lucky draw.

If you have a casual gaming group, with a mix of different styles of play and gaming experience, this is a great choice. It is fast and light hearted enough for the casual players. But, it is still strategically interesting enough to engage your more serious boardgamers.

Fun worker placement game

This is a nice, light, easy for most ages, "worker placement" game. My family has kids from age 6 to 13 and everyone was able to understand it well on the first game. The worker placement mechanic is well done and the game moves very quickly. It's also nice that it supports a high number of players. It has a decent amount of strategy and is themed well. I'd definitely recommend it as a family game or as an addition to any hobbyist board gamer who is looking for a decent "gateway" game to show people who are unfamiliar with the hobby.

The only minor gripe I would have is the number of peices and options being a bit overwhelming. But again it's not so much that a kid can't understand it. Just a lot of things to set up, take down, and think about during gameplay.

Fantastic art and fun for most all ages. Great components. Worth every penny.

I love this game. I almost backed the kickstarter back in the day, and kept my eye on it ever since. Finally caved and bought it a few weeks ago and I have regretted nothing. Its got a wonderful art style, good game components and fun easy gameplay with a nice blend of strategy.
Easy to play and teach. fairly quick gameplay. Can include up to 7 players, though best with groups of 3-5.
My only beef is that it is not easily organized without some help. I will be purchasing a small organizing kit soon.

Marilyn S Kupetz
Clever, socially intelligent game

Played this for the first time on the JOCO Cruise with seasoned gamers (which I am not). If you're in it for the pace, the fun, and the many ways to engage, you'll have a great time with those elements alone. It's also possible to just enjoy exploring the fantasy as you build skills--the graphics and playing pieces are charming and the story is satisfying. There's more to this confection than the chance to win. Asking for Trobils is about to become a staple for our neighborhood game group.