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Stripes | Family-Friendly Pattern Recognition Card Games | 2-6 Players

Stripes | Family-Friendly Pattern Recognition Card Games | 2-6 Players

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2021 Mensa Select Winner!

Number of Players: 2-6
Age Group: 8+
Time to Play: 15 Minutes

Create Your Winning Streak!

Lining up has never been so much fun! The race is on to be the first to create a single line in this totally original, strategic card game. Use 60 Stripe cards to create your tableau of stripes, then mix in 7 Action tiles to advance further or disrupt the stripes of others.

Game Components 

  • 60 Stripe Cards
  • 12 Reference Cards
  • 7 Action Tiles
  • 1 Starting Player Token

Game Asset Downloads

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> Game Rules
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cathy Eckberg
Stripes-linear fun

Great game, easy to learn and challenging as well. The colors and visual are really pretty.

Fun, quick game!

Stripes has been a hit game when we're looking for something quick to learn in a group but still engaging and fun! It's appropriate for all ages, and our friends enjoy being able to construct their own rows while interfering with everyone else's. Games usually take less than 20 minutes, and a single card can make or break a winner! Stripes is a great choice for your next gathering!

Mary Jo
So fun!

This was a clever and beautifully made game! I love games that are easy to learn. You need a little strategy and can be a bit devilish with fellow players. A +!

Fun for all levels!

Stripes is a great game for almost any level of player. We enjoyed the fact that it is fast-paced, yet easy enough for the entire family to enjoy. Based on our experience, it's a great option for casual card players as well as the more experienced - fun for the whole family!

Cathy Deely
Love this game!

This is a fun and engaging game to play. And it’s very colorful!!