First in 2024 - Expansion Work

First in 2024 - Expansion Work

Hello, Dwellers of Eldervale!

Hi! It’s been a couple months!! A couple months of BUSY ‘round here. But, enough about the very successful rerelease of We’re Doomed! And, fresh release of a brand new Meritocracy expansion - or the more recent introduction of the new small box version of Letter Tycoon with all the same great components and game play. Oh, not to mention the re-release of Mixtape, and adding some fun shine to the new printing of Rise of Tribes that is delivering soon. You, yes you, are here for Dwellings of Eldervale news! And, news we have!! So, let’s bring it up to the surface.

Fan pics!! Lily is an amazing photographer that has 20 (twenty) amazing posts about Dwellings of Eldervale. Check out the Play it Solo channel and find ‘em all!


MOAR in the Making 

With the 4th (English) printing already under way, we are actively preparing for the 5th printing. Our distribution partners are clamoring for more and more product and we wish to accommodate. 

We do not have solid delivery dates for the 4th printing order items yet since estimates made before cargo containers are packed and crossing oceans are notoriously devilish. But, let’s say we strongly believe it will not be 2 months before the next newsletter which will contain more details on availability - including the small percentage of the 4th printing items we will have on pre-order.

Um… Did we mention that Lily has posted some amazing Dwellings of Eldervale shots on the Play it Solo channel? This wizard is going to bring the party to your next game night!


Expansion Much?

Given that the Mother of Dragons (with Dragons Den tile) and Frost Giant (with Bifrost Bridge tile) are in the Standard base game along with Tactics tokens and multiple variant game play mode rules in the rule book the answer is already a resounding, “YES!”, before we even start this conversation. The real question is have you played Adventure Without Doorways? Drafted Magic cards? Played Partners using 2v2 Mode? 

Ok. Let’s pretend you have played all that and checked every box the base game has to offer. And, you have the Legendary Monsters, both Mercenaries, and are mocking up the Oracle tile because they are hard to get. If that’s you, we have good news!

Elemental Shards and Castles

First introduced by Luke Laurie for play testing in the BGG forums, Elemental Shards and Castles are in their final stress testing. New mercenaries are also headed in this direction! These are small expansions component wise and will fit in the main gamebox. Further down the road we’ll offer pictures of our suggested storage spots down the road when we have production samples. But, for now you should give them a pre-production try...

Want to run some play tests? Pick up the info you need here for Elemental Shards and here for Castles and (AFTER you have played!!) post your feedback on those BGG discussion threads.


Best Dwellings of Eldervale Prank Ever!

Heather FitzSimmons reached out and got a second Mother of Dragons, proceeded to give her a serious makeover - then swapped her for the one in her boyfriend’s game box!! Big thanks to Heather for sharing pics last month in the Facebook Dwellings of Eldervale Fan Club and on BGG as well. Give the Fan Club a scroll if you have not been by lately!


Spring Time Dwelling

From all of us here at Breaking Games we wish you the best Spring Season as we work to grow the Dwellings of Eldervale game play options - and general availability!! 

2024 has kicked off with a busy few months. We will be back MUCH SOONER with the next batch of newsy goodness as the delivery of the 4th Printing draws closer.

Thanks for choosing Breaking Games! Enjoy all your play.

- The Breaking Games Team

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