Dwellings on Land!! Dwellings of Eldervale 3rd Printing Update

Dwellings on Land!! Dwellings of Eldervale 3rd Printing Update

Dragon Date: 9/11/2023

Hello, Dwellers of Eldervale!

Great news! You are the best - oh wait, you already knew that. Did you know that our wait here at our US warehouse is over - and your wait is nearly over? Now you do! It goes a bit beyond words to express how thrilled we are to share this news with you. News that is years in the making!

The dragons guiding the boats did their job well! And, now our awesome fulfillment team has taken over. And, fulfillment teams in other regions of the world have also been busy! Items in the boxes you see in these pictures will soon dwell in your homes, as well as take up temporary residence in many, many stores!

Here you see members of the Blackbox/Breaking Games (all hands on deck!) fulfillment team unloading the US containers, doing the initial sort, and getting all the boxes on pallets. The containers were “floor loaded” to not waste any space. So many people are excited to get their own copy of Dwellings of Eldervale and/or get their bling! Pictures taken by Eddie Rodriguez.

OK! On to opening these boxes and packing your order! Capturing the sheer volume of the shipment is difficult, but the contents of all these boxes will not dwell here long. They will ship very soon! Picture taken by Eddie Rodriguez.

Pre-Order Fulfillment is Starting!

All pre-orders placed directly with Breaking Games will ship from the US. These orders will be shipped in 4 waves over the next 2 to 3 weeks. If you have not received a shipping notification email from Blackbox/Breaking Games by October 1, please fill out a Customer Service form at BreakingGames.com.

  • Wave 1: This wave will focus on all single item orders shipping domestically.    
  • Wave 2: This wave will focus on all domestic multi-product orders.    
  • Wave 3: This wave will focus on all orders containing the Frost Giant and Mother of Dragons.    
  • Wave 4:  This wave will focus on all International Orders.  We’ve moved these orders to the last wave due to the fact that they require additional documents for customs.

The EU/UK+ shipments: We have UK fans posting on BGG that their Deluxe Upgrade Kit is available to pick up at two different UK stores!

The Chinese, Czech, and Korean versions: THANK YOU to the Dwellings of Eldervale fans that have posted pictures and videos of these language versions!!

Chinese version picture posted on BGG by jiangyh. Czech version getting a play (right) picture posted on BGG by Petr Pospíšil. Also, thank you also to Tomas Lehrl for posting a picture of the Czech box cover on BGG.

Gen Con Plays!

SO. MANY. GAMES! The Dwellings of Eldervale demo tables were buzzing all 4 days at Gen Con. As were sold out sessions for all our other games: Letter Tycoon, Mansplaining, Sparkle*Kitty, Sparkle*Kitty Nights, and We’re Doomed! We are super grateful for the demo team Envoy helped put together and the level of organization Envoy brings to Gen Con. Big THANKS to Elizabeth, Eric, and Patryk for joining Mike in demoing Dwellings of Eldervale.

Gen Con 2023 pictures taken by Mike Vander Veen, except that’s not a selfie Mike is in (upper left) and we did not document the kind person that took his picture with Eric and Elizabeth. Patryk’s fine beard can be seen in the lower left picture (3rd from right)!

Where to Dwell Next?

Building dwellings takes ongoing effort. We love to dwell - and we have more realms to dwell in! In upcoming newsletters we will share news regarding any remaining 3rd printing order items and when they will be sold on BreakingGames.com, news about the 4th printing timing, news about more language versions, and more! Stay tuned to this dragon channel!

Thanks for choosing Breaking Games! Enjoy the play

- The Breaking Games Team

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