Dwellings of Eldervale Newsletter

Dwellings of Eldervale Newsletter

Hello, Dwellers of Eldervale!

Thank you for your patience. It has been more than a month since you have received an update and the latest Dwellings of Eldervale news. We held back sending this newsletter until we had concrete progress to share regarding the 3rd printing. We’re here and putting in the work every day to make it happen.


New Webstore, Buying Guides, Success

Hundreds of you have pre-ordered using the new Dwellings of Eldervale pre-order webstore! Thank you! Judging by the emails and social posts we have responded to over the past month, the Buying Guides we set up worked as intended and you all were able to find and order items that fit your interests and needs. Huzzah!

FAQ Page on WWW.DwellingsofEldervaleShop.com

Of course, there are still plenty of questions. And, we want you to have easy access to answers!! We have added an FAQ page to the webstore that we will work to keep up to date based on the latest information we receive from our manufacturing, delivery, and distribution partners that are helping us fulfill pre-orders and get games to local and online game stores.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Checking the FAQ page before sending an email will get you an answer faster and enables our staff to get fast responses to customers needing our support. We appreciate you and want to help as needed. Email hello@breakinggames.com and we will get you an answer.

3rd printing post production print sample assessed as “good to GO” - photo by Aaron DeMark

Production Sample in the House

Progress!!! We recently received production samples from our manufacturing partners for the English language version and are very happy to share that all was looking good and we have given the green light to get the games packed up and ready to ship!! We had paused sending this newsletter until this sample was received and assessed. It is a great relief to be able to give approval and move forward.

Our Czech and Korean partners have also given approval. We are very much hoping our Chinese publishing partner will give approval soon.

Frost Giant is thinking the Air tile looks glacial #beautifulgamebits - photo by Aaron Demark

3rd Printing Delivery Update - Current Estimate: July

Delays have hit! At every stage of the process Breaking Games works with the best partners our experience and money can buy and then we rely on them to do their best. REMINDER: All our past updates have stated clearly that the delivery estimate was not “locked in” until games were actually on boats headed to fulfillment centers. And even then we will be subject to potential delays at port, customs, transferring from container to freight, how busy the fulfillment centers are when the games arrive, and more. None of this is in our control.

On the FAQ page (link above) some of you have likely already read the following Q&A:

FULFILLMENT: When will my 3rd Printing pre-order be delivered?
Current estimate is July 2023.
This fulfillment estimate will be updated when games are actually on their way to regional fulfillment centers.
For this printing, the language editions were bundled. This has created a production delay. We know now this was a mistake. Starting with the 4th printing, future printings will have the English version printed separately!

As with all things that hold us back from achieving our goals, we can look back and see that there are other choices that could have been made. It is amazing how even after years of doing a thing there is always more to learn. We very much apologize for any stress these delays have caused those of you that have been waiting to receive the games you ordered too long ago.

Giving permission for the packing team to get fired up! - photo by Aaron DeMark

Comic Con 

San Diego ComicCon Confirmed

This just in!! The board game organizers at SDCC are looking for hot games to happen at the show. And, we are happy to oblige! Going to be at SDCC? Find us running plays of Dwellings of Eldervale and Mansplaining up in the Mezzanine. And, also check out our sister company Print & Play Admagic (booth 533 - prototype printing and more) down in the hall.

Making Games Happen

As stated up top we are putting in the work everyday and committed to delivering more copies of Dwellings of Eldervale to all the fans. We very much appreciate all who are sharing out about the fun Dwellings of Eldervale brings to their game . We are still excited to get copies available in additional languages even though it has caused delay and plenty of stress for us and you. Thanks again for hanging in there with us and supporting this great game!

Thanks for choosing Breaking Games! Enjoy the play.

- The Breaking Games Team
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