Breaking Games Can Now Protect Your Game From Piracy!

Breaking Games Can Now Protect Your Game From Piracy!

Izon® 3D Photopolymer Authentication Labels

Breaking Games is Combatting Card and Board Game Piracy Worldwide!

Used already on some of the world’s most popular games, now you can protect your game with a Breaking Games proprietary Izon® 3D photopolymer authentication label, the strongest overt 3D protection solution currently available in the world from Breaking Games.

Breaking Games Anti-Piracy Hologram

- Dual Logo, 3D Transition Effect -
- Red Security Color with 3D Background Pattern -

Breaking Games Piracy Protection

- Turns Off When Rotated 180 Degrees -

Hologram Label Features

  • 3D Model: Images are constructed as dimensional models in 3D space.
  • Two-Channel Effect: As the label is tipped from left to right, the image will change.
  • Security Color: Text and background are different colors, with text in red.
  • Multi-Angle Text: As the viewer tips the IZON® label 90 degrees to the left the label goes “dark” and a repeated pattern of “AUTHENTIC” appears. If the label is rotated 90 degrees to the right it also goes “dark” but a repeated pattern of “ORIGINAL” appears.
  • Serial Number: An eight-digit sequential serial number is printed on the finished IZON® label.
  • Security Construction: The label includes a tamper-resistant construction with adhesive and security slits that cause destruction or damage to the label upon removal.
  • Izon Traceology®: Web-based software feature allows smartphone users to authenticate in the cloud instantaneously using standard DROID or Apple barcode scanning apps in combination with the serialized Izon® 3D authentication labels.

Find out how to protect your game now!

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