Breaking Games Announcement - Boogie Dice Debut at Toy Fair 2016

Breaking Games Announcement - Boogie Dice Debut at Toy Fair 2016




A Universal Gaming Accessory, Boogie Dice Rolls By Itself Via
Noise and Motion Sensors

Booth 6411, First Level

NETCONG, NEW JERSEY (February 12, 2016) – Breaking Games, an award-winning game publisher and manufacturer, announced they will be featuring the game-changing Boogie Dice at Toy Fair 2016, Booth 6411, First Level. Boogie Dice is the world’s first sound-activated, fully balanced, electronic self-rolling dice.

“Breaking Games only supports and publishes games and gaming accessories that we think will really make a big, fun and entertaining impact,” said Shari Spiro, CEO of Breaking Games. “As soon as we saw Boogie Dice, we realized it could change how people play games and interact with one another. We knew we had to be a part of this amazing technology.”

Slated for an October 2016 launch with an MSRP of $45, Boogie Dice is the world’s first sound-activated, self-rolling dice. Users simply clap their hands, snap their fingers or bang on the table, and the dice starts to “boogie” by itself. Designed to be a universal gaming accessory, Boogie Dice can replace any standard traditional dice in any game.

“While the concept of Boogie Dice is simple to understand, there has been a great deal of research, prototypes, fine-tuning, and refining on our side, as we want to offer our users with a product that’s not only fun but actually delivers on all its promises” said Boogie Dice creator, Nimrod Back. “Through Breaking Games, we will be able to make good on our promise, and provide a unique and innovative experience for anyone who uses our self-rolling dice.”

Inside each Boogie Dice, there is a vibration motor, a tiny microphone, a microprocessor, a rechargeable battery, and three LED lights. When the microphone detects a short and loud sound, such as a hand clap or a finger snap, the motor starts rotating, causing the dice to bounce and roll. Different behaviors can be programmed into the dice, such as to "stop listening" during random periods of time, or activating the red LED while a turn is in progress, so countless new games can be designed for it. Other features include:

  • Boogie Dice can be programmed with the following features:
    • Sound: The dice can adjusted to respond to different volume levels of noise
    • Motion: The dice sensitivity to noise can be adjusted , so that by just picking up the dice triggers its rolling mechanism
    • Timer: The dice can be programmed to operate after a set amount of time
    • Randomizer: The dice can be set to roll unexpectedly, allowing for an element of surprise during game play
  • On a full charge, Boogie Dice can roll up to 30 minutes continuously, and two to four seconds per roll
  • Each die is equipped with a powerful 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. To charge the dice, players can place them on its charging station.
  • Boogie Dice is programmable with sound, so users can pick from a list of different settings on the Boogie Dice app or website

With an initial goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter, Boogie Dice reached more than $185,000 with nearly 3,100 backers. To see a YouTube video of Boogie Dice, please click here.

“Through year of hard work and dedication, Boogie Dice is now ready to roll into the gaming world but this is only the beginning,” continued Back. “There is an enormous opportunity to build completely new games based on the dice’s unique features and abilities. We already have a game we’re launching with and we have a few more partnerships that are in the pipeline. The possibilities are endless!”

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