Peter Vaughan Joins Breaking Games!

Breaking Games is pleased to announce that Peter Vaughan joins our team heading up game development as well as wearing a few other hats (as we all do) in marketing, events and community. We hope you’ll welcome him and tell him what games you play and/or design!

Peter previously formed 2 game companies, is founder and editor of the League of Gamemakers, consults often on Kickstarter projects and has worked over 15 years in art and technology companies such as Walt Disney Animation.

Peter has developed several digital apps and tabletop games in the past 6 years, including our Mensa Select 2015 title, Letter Tycoon. Now he turns his attention to our whole line of existing and future games, and will be working out of an LA studio (for those of you nearby and available for game testing!). Of course, you can catch him at the major cons and designer events as well. Please be sure to say hello, and if you’ve got the next great game idea, let him know! 

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