AdMagic Announces Breaking Games

Ad Magic, one of the largest indie game printer in the US and the company that brought Cards Against Humanity to the masses and will print Exploding Kittens, announced today during Toy Fair 2015 (Booth 6447) that they launched their publishing arm, called Breaking Games. At launch, Breaking Games has more than 15 games that they are partnering with to print, manufacture and publish, many with the amazing augmented reality Layar technology, which will revolutionize the retail space.

“Ad Magic has always had a vested interest in our gaming partners, and with Breaking Games, we will take that partnership a few steps further,” said Shari Spiro, CEO of Ad Magic and Breaking Games. “By launching Breaking Games with more than 15 other independent game designers, it shows that our partners believe in what we’re doing and want to be a part of it, especially with the augmented reality Layar technology we’ll be employing at retail. It will literally be a game changer.”

Using the augmented reality Layar technology, consumers will be able to scan the face of any game box published by Breaking Games with their mobile devices, where they will see and hear:

  • Video of an unboxing of the game’s contents
  • One round of game play
  • Message from the game designer

“There is nothing like this in the tabletop market, especially at retail,” continued Spiro. “Ad Magic has always had the mindset of being a trailblazer, and using this kind of unique technology to bring an amazing experience to consumers is just another way we’re leading the charge.”

In an unusual move, Breaking Games is bringing all of their independent game designers with them at this year’s Toy Fair from February 14-17, 2015, at the Ad Magic / Breaking Games booth, 6447. Each designer will have their own table within the booth, where they will explain and demonstrate their games.

“I am a true believer in spending quality face-time with my friends and family for entertainment rather than being glued to a screen,” concluded Spiro. “Bringing all these hilarious, fun, creative games to the masses is what we are all about.”

About AdMagic

AdMagic is one of the fastest-growing and most successful independent custom tabletop game printers in the United States. AdMagic has printed more than 10 million customized card and board games, including the incredibly popular and ubiquitous game, Cards Against Humanity, and is an advisor and printer for Exploding Kittens, the most successful fundraising campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

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