The Award-Winning Game 4 The Birds Is Now Available Nationwide

Family-Friendly Strategy Board Game Challenges And Entertains Adults and Kids Alike

NETCONG, NEW JERSEY (June 7, 2016) – Breaking Games, an award-winning game publisher and manufacturer, announced that the highly anticipated 4 The Birds is now available nationwide.

“Breaking Games is always looking to publish games that are entertaining while providing a unique board game experience, and we found that with 4 The Birds,” said Shari Spiro, 
CEO of Breaking Games. “While the game is one that the entire family can enjoy, the more you play it, the more you realize how strategy plays a deep and integral part. 4 The Birds is a must-have for anyone who enjoys board game night.”

4 The Birds is available now at Breaking Games for an MSRP of $40.00. The game plays from two to six players, ages eight and up. 4 The Birds was a Tabletop Deathmatch season-one finalist. Tabletop Deathmatch is an independent game design contest and web series by Cards Against Humanity. More than 500 game designers from all over the country submitted their games for consideration; 4 The Birds was a finalist and featured on a full episode of the series.

“I initially created 4 The Birds so my son and his friends could play it together, but as I was developing the game, the whole family was enjoying it. I realized that this was something adult gamers could get into as well,” said the game’s inventor, Steve Ewoldt. “Although it’s easy to learn and play for kids, there are also different layers of tactics and strategy that evolve the more you play it. I can’t think of a better partner than Breaking Games to bring it to families and friends across the nation.”

4 The Birds Game Play Details:

  • A classic line-up game (four in a row or four in a square wins) with twists like a “Pecking Order” among birds, non-player crows and hawks that scatter the flock, and six powerful action cards per player that allow you to swoop in for a win.
  • Territorial disputes between birds struggling for the same spot on the board are resolved by the "Pecking Order.”
  • Uses a unique slide mechanic to resolve contested spots. An abstract "gateway" game that is great for kids' spatial and numerical skills and even better for adults who are out of practice.

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