Suddenly Drunk

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Suddenly Drunk


Number of Players: 3-8
Age Group: 21+
Time to Play: Varies 

Transforms Any Turn-Based Board Game or Card Game Into A Drinking Game!

Suddenly Drunk is a set of 54 cards which can easily be added to any turn-based board or card game that transforms it into a hilarious drinking game for 3 - 8 Players. Created by veteran Gaming Bar Event Manager and co-owner of board/card/video game bar Beta Bar, Skaidris Gunsmith. Suddenly Drunk is the culmination of years of research in how people enjoy drinking and playing games. Pick your favorite board or card game. Suddenly Drunk works best with simple party games like Cards Against Humanity, Jenga or Uno but can be played with ANY turn based board or card game.

Get Suddenly Drunk or Suddenly Stoned in Five Different Ways!

Tired of playing the same old games over and over again? Well, be bored no more! Suddenly Drunk will change any old turn base game into the perfect drinking game, and Suddenly Stoned... well you get it! Choose from any of our six versions:

Number of Players: 3-8
Age Group: 18+
Time to Play: Varies

How Does Suddenly Drunk Work?

Grab any one of your favorite tune base games and stir in some Suddenly Drunk cards and you’ve got yourself an intoxicating cocktail of fun – literally. Each player, before they make their move in the “normal” game, will draw a Suddenly Drunk card and follow the instructions. In the deck you will find Instant cards (action carried out on the spot) and Anytime cards (save to play at anytime you want).

These cards can be used with ANY turn base board or card game but works best with popular games such as Cards Against Humanity, Jenga or Uno.

Spice things with the Sexy Expansion pack. For the well-weathered drinker, try out the Hardcore Expansion pack. Which every deck you choose, we guarantee that any old turn base game will become a new one every time you play.

How Does Suddenly Stoned Work?

Suddenly Stoned is the first game ever made to be played while stoned! Take turns drawing cards that have simple tasks for you to complete and topics for you to discuss. Complete the card, win the point! If you don’t want to complete the card someone else may attempt it for the point.

Cards Include:

  • Call a family member.
  • Do a handstand.
  • Act out your own death scene.
  • If you had to eat human flesh to survive which part would you start with and why?
  • What’s your favorite film and why is it Space Jam?
  • You can even attach it to any turn-based game to play it “Suddenly Drunk Style” drawing cards and resolving them before each turn.

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