POOP: Original Mini Bag Edition

  • POOP The Game Mini Bag

POOP: Original Mini Bag Edition


Number of Players: 2-10
Age Group: 6+
Time To Play: 15 minutes

Enjoy the Freshness of POOP, in a great new mini bag!

Now the original POOP game comes in a mini bag! Makes a great gift for the holidays. Stuff it in a stocking or hang it on a Christmas tree for the poop enthusiast in your life! POOP is a game where the first player to run out of cards wins! Take turns pooping but don't clog the toilet! Some cards make players perform crazy acts. POOP is playable with up to 10 players when combined with the PARTY POOPER Edition.

  • A family-friendly card game for all ages!
  • Take turns pooping, but don't clog the toilet!
  • The most enjoyable experience you'll have outside of the bathroom!
  • Pair with any edition of POOP to make it a 10 player game! 

POOP: The Game is an original card game created by kids and adults for kids and adults. Kids love it because of the silly designs and opportunity to make poop jokes. Adults love it because POOP makes them act like kids. 

EDUCATIONAL: Younger children get a healthy dose of basic math while playing POOP. Seriously! You'll see them adding up the POOP cards to make sure they don't clog the toilet! 

DRINKING GAME FOR ADULTS: After getting feedback from our successful (and critically acclaimedZOMBIE SHUFFLE campaign, we learned that many people loved that we included drinking rules. For this reason we've made POOP an even easier drinking game. Players take drinks if they draw a card or clog the toilet and everyone drinks if the toilet is flushed.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: We've found at least 5 other exciting ways to play POOP using the same standard deck! You'll find the Alternate Rules PDF in the downloadable Trial Version of POOP and on this update but we are very interested in what you come up with when playing with friends and family. Experiment and send us your ideas! We'll credit you if we share it with the POOP community.

    Get all kinds of POOP!

      Number of Players: 2-10 (depending on which edition)
      Age Group:
      Time To Play:
      15 minutes

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