Can't Catch Harry from THEODD1SOUT

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Can't Catch Harry from THEODD1SOUT


Number of Players: 2-6
Age: 6+
Time to Play: 10-20 Minutes

A Card Game from The Odd 1s Out

> UPDATED RULES! Download them here 

The fast paced card game that comes with collectors cards from the popular YouTube channel The Odd 1s Out, created by James Rallison in memory of Harry the Moth, as he decided to immortalize Harry's memories by turning this iconic character into the most fun game you'll ever play!

The deck is made of characters your friends and family will recognize. You’ll spend many game nights trying to catch Harry before he and his friends are pulled into the lull of the Lamp (bug zapper). The game gets more intense with each round as players try to collect certain combinations of cards to give them an edge in the game.

Save your moth friends from giving in to the glowing draw of the lamp. Every time you’re unable to match 4 of a kind, your moth risks being zapped!

Included in the Game:

  • 58 Playing Cards
  • 6 Plastic Figurines
  • 1 Play Mat 
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • A Whole Lot of Fun

Game Asset Downloads

> High Resolution Images
> Rules (UPDATED!!)