The Amberden Affair

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  • Amberden Affair Box

The Amberden Affair

$25.00 USD
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Number of Players: 3-6
Age Group: 12+
Time To Play: 60 Minutes

Conspiracy is served...

In The Amberden Affair, players serve as domestic servants for a grand soiree held in the esteemed Amberden Manor. While busily carrying out orders for three distinguished dignitaries, observant footmen realize that one of their own has malicious objectives that threaten the very lives of the ones they are there to serve.

In the game, players try to earn points by completing as many orders as possible by taking item cards from locations in the room and bringing them to their proper recipients. They must also attempt to identify the Miscreant Impostor, the player who is secretly trying to poison certain targets while accomplishing regular orders. The player with the most points at the end of three rounds wins!

Game Play

Turns are taken simultaneously, which makes the game go quick and makes it difficult to keep an eye on what everybody else is doing while you are playing.

All players start with one Order card. The Order card tells the players to pick up an object from a particular location and deliver it to one of the three guests. Each of the locations is a small deck of cards, and players can choose freely from all of the items at any location. They then must drop off the item at the requisite guest's space. Additionally, the Traitor has a second objective - the picking up and delivering of poison to the assembled guests. To accomplish this, a player gets three actions in a given turn. Actions include moving one space, picking up a card from a deck, dropping a card off or getting a new order from the head butler.

As the game goes on, time tokens are removed from play and players may play rumor tokens to the rumor mill. The round ends when a prescribed number of tokens are in the rumor mill or all of the time tokens have been removed from play. If the time runs out, the killer gets away scot free and nobody can make an accusation. If the round ends due to rumor tokens, however, the players get an opportunity to accuse someone of being the traitor, which is done in secret.

Points are awarded to the players based upon the orders that they have completed, combined with the results of their accusation. Players score 20 points per token per correct accusation, and lose 10 per token per incorrect accusation. Likewise, the traitor earns points for his completed orders, points based upon the number of guests that he poisoned, and loses points for every correct accusation.

A full game is comprised of three rounds, with scores being added across all three games. Whoever has the high score at the end wins the game.

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