How to Play

This exhilarating 2 to 4 player game will see you battling it out for survival via a 52 card deck. 

Set up your zombie cards in a nifty ‘Z’ shape and pick your Survivor Card. This’ll represent you in the game. Everyone is dealt 5 cards that are a random set of weapons, some of which offer a 'utility function', but all of which can be used to attack Zombies and other Survivors. 

The game commences when the first zombie in the 'Z' is flipped. Survivors must attack the zombie with any 2 through 10 card corresponding with that Zombie's suit. 

The winner keeps the Zombie card to track their number of kills. Should you fail to lay down a card corresponding with that Zombie's suit, you'll either lose armour or become a zombie. 

The winner is the Survivor with the most kills at the end of the game. Congratulations, you've survived the apocalypse and all your friends are dead.

Number of Players: 2-4
Age Group: 8+
Time To Play: 10 minutes