Additional Details

There are also Special cards which allow players to take additional actions such as drawing additional cards or forcing opponents to discard cards. On each player's turn, the player must perform exactly one action:

  • Draw a card
  • Play a Special card
  • Discard any number of cards
  • Get a new Weapon
  • Win the game, by playing a completed Weapon

Number of Players: 2-3 (Up to 6 with Expansion)
Age Group:
Time to Play:
15+ Minutes

In the box, you get both...

One Hit Kill Core Deck

  • 40 Core deck Component cards
  • 20 Core deck Weapon cards
  • 11 Core deck Special cards

Death & Lore Expansion Deck

  • 20 Death & Lore Component cards
  • 16 Death & Lore Weapon cards
  • 4 Death & Lore Special cards

Also includes instructions + double-sided full color play mat.

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