I need to tell you about this.

I was in the process of acquiring the unprotected TM for BLM in educational games to donate it in full to the organization that should rightfully own it. Our counsel had reached out to their partners foundation and I felt it was being handled in the right way.

I sought no gain or publicity, nothing other than to make sure the unprotected IP went to the movement. Now I understand it was tone deaf to even try to make such a donation, and the TM abandonment should show in 4-5 days.

I take full personal responsibility for this, as my team was not involved in the decision, and I genuinely want to do better.

I now see that "good intentions" can still be unhelpful. Moving forward, I will listen and learn so that I can be a better ally in the fight against racism.

Shari Spiro

CEO, Breaking Games LLC / AdMagic Inc.