Mystery Board Games and Mystery Party Games

Oh the thrills of the suspense from a great mystery board game. Head-scratching scenarios that will throw your mind into a roller-coaster of plot twists. Will you be able to solve the dilemma in time? What is your opponent hiding from you and when will you get ambushed? Keep an eye on your neighbor as they might be the one out to get you! How great does it feel when you find out who the culprit was at the end! These exciting moments are what exceptional mystery party games are made of!

Whatever the outcome of the game you can be sure that all the mental and emotional investment will bring out your hidden survival and detective skills. Unlike other games that have you over-flowing with uncontrollable laughter, mystery board games awaken your natural instincts of taking your opponent out before you get taken out.

The world as you know it has ended. The always feared but expected has finally happened - zombies populate the earth and every turn is a battle for survival. Within the Breaking Games repertoire of games, ApocalpZe is one of the many mystery party games we offer that will be the perfect for a group of two or more players. Reduced to a forager scrounging for resources while trying to protect your stronghold. Only the most astute and desperate will survive.

Zombies not your thing? Try the Amberden Affair. The Masters have invited the social elite to an extravagant soiree at Amberden Manor. Hustle and bustle to fulfill their desires while trying to figure out which of your fellow servants has it in for the guest and is trying to poison them.

Stay tuned for more great mystery party games that are on the way, we’re always developing exciting and witty mystery board games for you to discover!