About Math Card Games and Math Board Games

For many of us when we were younger, math seemed like a foreign language; an abstract world most of use didn’t understand, partially due to the fact that we were not taught, nor did we learn, to see the beauty in math and to love it. A number of hard and long dull hours of repetition, memorizing principles, formulas and theories from addition to algebra were enough to make math a terrifying subject for many of us.

However with the use of math card games and math board games it’s easy to instill an appreciation for this ambiguous subject, if not a love for it for people of all ages. Math card games and math board games have always been successfully used to ignite interest and sometimes inspire affection for mathematical equations. 

Math card games and math board games are especially important for kids! Letting children grow up with a distaste for math can greatly limit the development of essential skills that they will need to advance in the modern adult world. Kids grow up thinking that math is not important for their adult lives and do not realize that math is key element to the development of the brain’s thought process in problem solving. In life we do not only calculate and weight numbers but we also work through the creative process of solving daily problems using math.

So, you can clearly see why it is favorable to a child’s overall development that they understand the purpose of math and the role it will play in his/her life. Math card games and math board games are a creative and entertaining way to introduction concepts and principles of math to young children. They can also be used with older children who find the conventional way of learning to be boring and challenging.

At Breaking Games, we are aware that kids learn better through games. We aim to present to our customers with a wide variety of enjoyable and entertaining math card games and math board games that will help kids learn and practice basic arithmetic operations in mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and even fractions.

The games that we publish and co-create are designed to be not only attractive in their presentation and design but also challenging and fun in their respective game-play. Our games are witty, amusing and quick in engaging players by creating a platform where the whole family can come together and bond through some memorably fun moments of friendly competitive banter. These types of interactions are not only good for a child’s outlook and attitude about math but also for the long-term retention of the mathematical skills that they are learning and practicing.

Be sure to check out all of our math card games and math board games, as we’re adding new titles regularly.