Dwellings of Eldervale: ALL EDITIONS

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  • Dwellings of Eldervale Game - Standard Edition

Dwellings of Eldervale: ALL EDITIONS

Coming Soon!!
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Dwellings fans!! Unfortunately we’ve run into delays due to new Covid-19 regulations recently put in place by the state of New Jersey, that are directly affecting the time required to fulfill the immense amount of Kickstarter backer orders (which must be shipped out before the game can be made available to the general public), and thus extends our forecasted worldwide release date for Dwellings well into the month of December.

We cannot guarantee the exact date Dwellings will be available in December, but we are working extremely hard to make the game is available as soon as possible, while ensuring our fulfillment team adheres to all safety protocols necessary.

We apologize for this news and thank you for your understanding as these are not normal times. We will post more updates when any new release date information becomes available.

When it's time, Dwellings of Eldervale will be coming in white hot, and in short supply, therefore in order to ensure you get your copy of the game and additional accessories as soon as it's released, you need to join the list now

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The epic game that raised over $540k on Kickstarter!! Limited copies available, priced from $99.99 - $199.99.

Number of Players: 1-5 
Ages: 14+
Time to Play: 60-150 Minutes

Fight the Beasts, Dwell the Land, Claim the Magic! 

A long lost world of magical power awaits! Giant monsters roam while Dragons, Wizards and Warriors battle in 8 elemental realms.

Dwellings of Eldervale blends worker placement, area control, engine building and unique worker units. Players take turns placing a worker in Eldervale or regrouping and activating their tableau of adventure cards. Action spaces include realms key to power: a summoning portal, an ancient mill, the lost fortress, deep dungeons, and a crumbling mage tower and the elemental lands of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Order and Chaos! Magic cards grant spells, quests and prophecies to players.

In the end, the players with the most elemental dominance among the multiple paths to victory will reign over Eldervale.

Rulebook Downloads

> Main Rulebook
> Solo Mode Rulebook
> First Time Set-Up
> Appendix

What's Included...


The Standard Edition of Dwellings of Eldervale includes a ton of components! Check out this list...

  • 8 Dual-sided Player Mats in Custom Gametrayz
  • 6 Dungeon, Resource, Hex, Core Gametrayz
  • 72 Custom Meeples, 8 Player Colors
  • 48 Custom Meeple Dwellings, 8 Player Colors
  • 48 Wooden Score Markers, 8 Player Colors
  • 53 Marbled D6 Dice, 8 Player/Monster Colors
  • 1 Elemental Scoreboard and Underworld
  • 32 Unique Elemental and Ruin Hex Tiles
  • 24 Ghosts of Eldervale Solo Mode Cards
  • 1 Ghosts of Eldervale Playmat & Watcher Meeple
  • 60 Magic Cards
  • 104 Adventure Cards, with Unique Fantasy Art
  • 8 Starter Player Faction Cards
  • 9 Monster Cards, Custom Art/Abilities
  • 9 Monster Standees & 12 Plastic Stands
  • 9 Glass Bead “Orbs”
  • 120 Cardboard Resources
  • 10 Cardboard Tactics & Trove Tokens
  • 5 Player Reference Aides, Appendix Booklet 
  • Elemental Box Cover ($99)
  • Limited Edition CROC Box Cover ($119) *Only 500 Available, never to be printed again!


Step up your Dwellings game with miniatures, metal coins and wooden resources! Includes everything from the Standard Edition, plus...

  • 8 Plastic Miniatures
  • 20 Deluxe Custom Metal Coins  
  • 100 Wooden Resources 


  • Elemental Box Cover ($149)
  • Limited Edition CROC Box Cover ($159) *Only 300 Available, never to be printed again!


The ultimate game of Dwellings, that includes everything from the Standard Edition, the extras from the Deluxe Edition, plus...

  • 8 New 50mm Miniatures with Unique Cards & Abilities
  • 8 Sound FX Bases which Work with All Minis


  • Elemental Box Cover ($199)
  • Limited Edition CROC Box Cover ($199) *THE SAME PRICE!! Super Limited Quantity Available, never to be printed again!!

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