GAME of PHONES: Expansion 001 Creative Pack

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  • Game of Phones Expansion 001 - Creative Pack

GAME of PHONES: Expansion 001 Creative Pack

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Number of Players: 3+
Age Group: 13+
Time to Play: 15+ Minutes

Get Creative!

We're pleased to announce our first expansion packExpansion Pack 001 is all about getting creative: taking photos, videos, and even drawing. There are 30 all new cards to go with the main game. Here's one of them:

***Take a photo imitating an emoji***

About Game of Phones

A Battle of Smartphone Skills, perfect for those who can't escape their phones! The only requirement to play this game is the Game of Phones deck of cards and a smartphone. Take on challenges such as:

  • Finding the best selfies
  • Taking photos of other players
  • Showing your worst or funniest texts

Game of Phones makes a great gift for teens who can't look up from their smartphones for more than two minutes at a time, and parents who don't want to be left out of the fun.

Get Ready For A Battle of Smartphone Skills!

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With over 100 cards and the whole internet in your hands, Game of Phones is endless fun whether you love or hate your smartphone. 

Gather as many of your friends as you can and get ready for a slightly embarrassing but incredibly funny game. Each player takes turns being the judge and draws a card from the deck. Each card prompts the other players to carry out an action with their smart-phone. Some of the actions are based on speed but others are based on what the “judge” deems to be the best. The first person to collect the ten cards wins. With 100 prompt cards to shuffle around and the diversity of friends playing, Game of Phones will never get boring.

Number of Players: 3+
Age Group: 12+
Time to Play: 15+ Minutes

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